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GMD’s Dress Code Guide

New Samples: Marula Oil

At Girl meets Dress we have found  the best kept secret in the beauty industry… Marula oil.

We are giving all customers a MARULA OIL sample until the end of JUNE 2014.

Available to buy from Holland & Barrett (30ml £37.50) Fair trade and sustainable, Marula Oil is the ultimate in facial anti-aging oils that hydrates, protects and rejuvenates the skin. Specially formulated for the face and neck, premium Marula Oil is a naturally soothing treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for soft and radiant skin. – Rent a dress to receive your FREE sample!


Marula oil’s  specially formulated serum is created to hydrate, protect and add a dewy glow to the skin.The serum, extracted from the Marula fruit trees in Africa, was orignally harested for it’s medicinal properties as it contains high levels of antioxidants, vitimain C and vitamin E  known for their rejuvinating qualities making it perfect for all skin types.. Simply hire a dress from Girl Meets Dress this week to recieve your free sample of  this new anti-ageing must have.


Directions:Apply three to five drops to the face, neck and hands as an anti-aging moisturizer or add two to three drops to a cleanser, mask, scrub or foundation to boost efficiency.
Ingredients: 99% pure Marula Oil and 1% essential oil blend.
Suitable for all skin types


Marula New Samples: Marula Oil

Marula1 New Samples: Marula Oil Marula3 New Samples: Marula Oil


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Be the Belle of the Ball


With the festive season approaching it means that it is time to start looking for the perfect winter ball gown! We have brought together some of the best ball gowns to help you decide on the perfect dress for you.

If your attending a black tie theme, or prefer the classic black dress, then the Scarlet  gown might be the one for you. With the luxurious sheen of the fabric and the cross back detailing, this gown is not to be underestimated. The layered fishtail gives the gown a fun edge, and allows the perfect ease of movement to dance the night away.

scarlet Be the Belle of the Ball

Add some colour to your evening. Wear this Badgley Mishka Ombre burst gown with confidence, knowing that you look dressed for the occasion. This one shouldered beauty has lovely red crystal detailing on the shoulder. Show it off by wearing your hair to one side or treating yourself to an up-do perhaps? The side split in the skirt reveals decadent layers of fabric which feature hues from pink to red. Honestly, if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd we recommend you try this one on.

ombre burst Be the Belle of the Ball

Snow ball? Snow problem. The Blake dress from Diva Sophia is a show stopper. This floor length dress has a gorgeous semi sheer skirt and a hand beaded embellished bodice.  Accessorize the dress with some statement heels and a designer clutch.

blake gown Be the Belle of the Ball

 GMD ox Be the Belle of the Ball


Paint The Town Red In Our Favourite New LRDs (Little Red Dresses)!

These three red dresses have everything going for them. From £29 to £109 they are perfect for any event you have coming up. Sequins, velvet and lace, they scream texture. So go on, rent red dresses and you’ll never stop dancing the night away!

SwayBlog Paint The Town Red In Our Favourite New LRDs (Little Red Dresses)!


NLY Sway Dress – Sleeves, a backless draped detail and soft, luxurious velvet. What more could you ask for?! This LRD looks like any other red bodycon dress from the front, but with a twirl and a flick of your hair, a sexy drape detail reveals itself at the back. This red dress is sure to sway anyone’s opinion that you will, without a doubt, look drop dead gorgeous in it.

LolaBlog Paint The Town Red In Our Favourite New LRDs (Little Red Dresses)!

Honor Gold Lola Dress – The Kinks sang about Lola drinking champagne and dancing all night, and we reckon that this red dress is called Lola for that very reason; head straight for the dance floor on a night out. The three quarter length sleeves add a fun flirty element to the red dress, while the lace oozes sex appeal.

FinaleBlog Paint The Town Red In Our Favourite New LRDs (Little Red Dresses)!

NLY Finale Dress – And for our grand final, let us introduce the Finale dress! You can’t help but shimmer in this red prom dress. The sequins catch the light and everyone’s attention. Who says you need a disco ball, this red dress will lure everyone onto the dance floor!

We can’t decide which our favourite is, so we’ll just have to leave it up to you to decide. If we’ve got you in the mood for LRDs, check out our other red dresses for more inspiration.

Buyer’s Birthday Dresses

Greetings GMD Blog Readers! Buying Assistant Sophie writing today. My birthday is coming up at the beginning of November and I need a dress. The most important factors about the dress:

1. Let’s start with the obvious: my party’s at night so I need an evening dress!

2. I’m not going to lie, I want my friends to be jealous and what better way to do that than with a designer evening dress.

3. The weather’s getting cold so a dress with sleeves sounds like a good option.

4. I’m starting the night in a restaurant with my family so need a ‘family-friendly’ dinner dress.

5. Straight after dinner I’ll be meeting friends in London’s West End where we’ll dance the night away: hello party dress!

There are so many to choose from but I said to myself that I should aim for a top three. Having looked at the evening dresses online in the ‘It’s My Birthday’ collection, and after some debate in the office I gave the list I made to our fabulous styling team who helped me pick The Top Three. You can message them directly at: enquiries@girlmeetsdress.com Over the next few weeks, as the big day draws closer, I’ll be revealing the contenders. Here’s the first one!

Valerie Junifer Buyers Birthday Dresses Valerie Junifer2 Buyers Birthday Dresses















I fell in love with the Valerie Junifer dress the moment I saw it, there was a lot of oohing and aahing! It is incredibly flattering. The sequins will shimmer as the dancing gets under way in the club, and the construction of the sleeves mean that I won’t get too hot. I’ll have the option of wearing tights with it during dinner and then as soon as I’m with my friends I can whip them off. This dress has started some serious competition, the other contenders better watch out!

GMD ox Buyers Birthday Dresses

pixel Buyers Birthday Dresses

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