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Partner Offer

Free gift from Qi Teas with your next Girl Meets Dress purchase

Girl Meets Dress has partnered with Qi Teas in order to offer you, a tea bag of green tea as well as a tea bag of green tea plus, with every order. Who doesn’t love freebies?!


The positive effects of green on our bodies has been proved many times and that is why Joe d’Armenia decided in 1997 to create the company.

Qi teas are fair trade teas. The company is working closely with a co-operative of small independent farmers with long traditions in the preparation of high quality teas in China, in order to provide a tea of quality. But they want to make sure that their partnership is beneficial for everyone. That is why Qi teas provides farmers and growers with:

  • A fair price and guaranteed income.
  • Financial support by contributing towards the costs of organic inspections.
  • Technical training and technical support.
  • Agreed employment framework for workers, which respects their human rights and promotes good working conditions.
  • A social and community fund which promotes and supports community well being.


The teas are 100% organics,  grown without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. Qi Organic teas are independently certified organic by international accreditation body Ecocert, as well as the Soil Association in the UK. The paper they use for the tea bags is un-bleached and the bags are free from glue and aluminium staples.


Order your next dress at Girl Meets Dress and get two free samples!


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Free gift from DRINKmaple with your next Girl Meets Dress purchase

Spring and summer are coming, and soon we’ll all start looking for a refreshing drink.

That’s perfect, Girl Meets Dress has partnered with DRINKmaple to offer you a sample of their maple water.


DRINKmaple offers you natural high hydration and the best is that there is a little taste of maple flavor that is delicious.

It is full off manganese (a natural antioxidant), minerals (iron and calcium) and nutrients (46 to be precise). Maple  water is also actually low in sugar (half the sugar of coconut water). This is all natural, there is no other ingredients added.


Who though such a tasty drink could be so beneficial for your body?!

DRINKmaple is gluten-free, vegan, dairy free and non GMO.

What is great is that you can cook with it or create tasty drinks. You can go on their website to find some incredible recipes.


Not only is this product amazing and delicious but by buying it you also help others. Every bottle of maple water DRINKmaple sell will supply 200 gallons of clean water to individuals in developing nations beset by drought and disaster – http://www.drinkmaple.eu/givingback/

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Bare Biology

Receive an exclusive Bare Biology discount code with your next dress rental at Girl Meets Dress !

Lacking omega 3, but don’t like fish? Here at Girl Meets Dress, we’ve found the solution and its Bare Biology supplements, according to their company website ‘it’s the champagne of fish oils.’ Who doesn’t love champagne?Bare_Biology_x_Girl_meets_dress


In 2012, Melanie Lawson, the founder of Bare Biology, wanted to find an Omega 3 supplement that was pure, fresh and strong enough to pack a punch, so she decided to start researching and one year later, she found the solution and that’s when Bare Biology was created.


Bare Biology is an Omega 3 supplement, that caters to everyone from children to adults and even pregnant women. The Lion Heart range is available in both capsule and liquid form. Their Bump & Glory is available in capsule form and their children’s range, Super Hero, is available in liquid form. All of their products promises no fishy taste. These products are perfect for people who lead a busy lifestyle and want to lead a balanced lifestyle, by getting in enough supplements.


Clinical trials have shown the anti-inflammatory effect of Omega 3 to have a very positive impact on conditions such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, eczema and rosacea.

We love the sun and we need the vitamin D, but the harmful effects of UV radiation are both terribly ageing and can cause skin cancer. Omega 3 has been shown to reduce the effects of UV rays. So, there’s a strong case for upping your Omega 3 for the sake of your skin.

Bare Biology is available in the UK at Planet Organic or Whole Foods.

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Natvia: The natural and healthy alternative to sugar

Receive a Natvia Sample on your next dress rental at Girl Meets Dress !

Natvia offers customers the best alternative to sugar through market leading innovation and research.

The creators Sam, Tew and Mark Hanna wanted to create a healthy alternative to sugar after realizing its negative effects on our bodies. With this 100% natural sweetener, the company aims to “inspire a better life” for everyone.

Natvia Girl Meets Dress

Natvia is natural and certified GMO free by the NON GMO Project. Natvia contains zero calories and they are also zero on the GI scale which is ideal for diabetics. This sweetener don’t harm your teeth like sugar does. It is the perfect everyday sweet touch.


The sticks are perfect to take with you to work for your tea break, for a journey or even at your friend’s house.

You can use Natvia to cook or bake and many original recipes are available on their website.



Natvia is available in the UK at Tesco, Wholefoods or Ocado.com.

Follow them on their different social medias for some recipes and news on the brand:
Instagram – Facebook – Twitter


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Snapchat: GirlmeetsdressS

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