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Girls on Dresses- Laetitia Wajnapel


Laetitia Wajnapel – Blogger and Freelance Editorial & Social Media consultant

Laetitia is a Parisian Journalist now living in London. In 2007 she started MademoiselleRobot.com,
a Fashion & Lifestyle blog. Laetitia has been featured in UK and international publications such as
The Telegraph, The Times, Grazia and Vogue.com and now works as a freelance editorial &
social media consultant for fashion brands.

What is your most favourite dress you’ve ever worn?
I have a few dresses I can wear over and over because they are so versatile. My absolute favourite dress is a vintage Belleville Sassoon silk dress with hearts all over it. It is really beautiful and the most flattering dress I own.

What was the last event you wore a dress to and what did you wear?
I wear a lot of dresses, but the last event I wore a dress to was a Halloween party at a friend’s house. The dress was a black velvet mini with a pearl embellished Peter Pan collar (pictured)

Which dress would be top of your Girl Meets Dress lust list?
Probably this Luella dress, simply because I really wanted to buy it when it was in store, but I missed it!

Mini or Maxi?
Definitely Mini, although I have been experimenting with Maxi a little in the Summer.

Who are your red carpet idols? Who always gets it right?
Zooey Deschanel has the style I most relate to, but I also love Maggie Gyllenhaal and Chloe Sevigny.

As someone who always has a new event to attend – how does Girl Meets Dress complement your life?
It is fun to be able to borrow a dress for an event, a bit like raiding a super cool girl’s closet before a party in high school! I can’t really afford to buy a new dress for every event I attend and I only have a limited wardrobe so being able to borrow something for a couple of days is ideal really!

What is your most memorable dress moment?
It has to be my wedding dress – cream and black silk Luella from her last collection. Between the time I walked into the shop and bought it, there can’t have been more than 5mn. It is stunning.

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