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GMD in the news

Carrie Johnson’s rented wardrobe


Carrie’s G7 dress hire power: Canny Carrie Johnson’s rented wardrobe at Cornwall’s world summit

Today’s Daily Mail had written a piece about Carrie’s rented dresses for the G7 summit in Cornwall.

While her husband focuses on the main G7 talks, it will be Carrie’s job to forge personal bonds with the leaders’ spouses. She will host a series of events to keep them entertained and occupied.

Carrie has chosen some of Kate The Duchess of Sussex’s most beloved labels — L.K. Bennett, Alessandra Rich, The Vampire’s Wife  and she has also recently found the confidence to steal Kate’s silhouette: narrow and feminine with a high neckline, pouffy shoulders and a mid-calf-length skirt.

Many of her dresses like Carrie’s rented wedding gown are going to be rented — from dress hire companies Girl Meets Dress, My Wardrobe HQ and Hurr Collective.

Clothing rental news: Ralph Lauren launches rental subscription service


Today we heard the news that Ralph Lauren is launching a rental subscription service. Yes another designer to decide to launch an in house fashion hire offering for it’s customer base.

As reported on Fashion United by Tess Stenzel:

“American fashion company Ralph Lauren has introduced its first subscription apparel rental initiative called ‘The Lauren Look.’

Starting at 125 dollars a month, the size-inclusive subscription allows members to rent looks from the most recent Ralph Lauren collections.

When a member has worn the pieces, they can return the items to be replaced with new garments or purchase them at exclusive member prices.

The online selection continuously offers varieties of dresses, pants, tops, coats, and more, as well as personalized suggestions from expert stylists on how to wear them.

“The Lauren Look allows us to explore an entirely new model tapping into the growing focus on the sharing economy and revolutionizing how we look at fashion consumption,” said David Lauren, chief innovation and branding officer at Ralph Lauren, in a press release.

“Launching with Lauren, our most widely distributed and accessible brand, is a testament to the growth we see in this space and will help us further anticipate the evolving needs and makeup of our consumers’ future closet.”

The company stated that in addition to supporting the reduction of clothing waste by expanding the lifespan of garments that might otherwise be purchased and worn only a few times, the collections will be part of a unique after-use program.

Once clothes have reached the rental capacity, they will be donated to Delivering Good, a non-profit organization that provides families who are impacted by poverty and tragedy with new clothes.

‘The Lauren Look’ will launch exclusively in North America on March 2.”

Protecting our community | COVID-19 update

Steps we’re taking…

At Girl Meets Dress the health and wellbeing of our customers, employees and partners is a top priority.
We are closely monitoring the situation relating to COVID-19 and paying attention to the World Health Organization for updates. Our website, head office and showroom currently remains open for business. We are operating as usual and currently all packages are going out as scheduled.

In order to maintain a safe environment, please be reassured that our office, warehouse and showroom have elevated their already high standards of hygiene, incorporating additional deep cleaning procedures and frequency. We have increased accessibility and visibility of hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities for employees, visitors and customers.
As always, all dresses are dry cleaned according to wash instructions on every return from every order. All garments, accessories, hangers and all packaging are cleaned each time they are returned to us.
Our reusable garment bags are cleaned with sanitiser, and in addition as a precaution, the same bags are not being used again within a 72 hour period, which is the time we have been advised CV19 can remain alive on a plastic surface.

We will continue to update you, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for being a loyal customer,

Anna x

Founder, Girl Meets Dress

Is renting clothes the future of fast fashion?

Wriiten by Razan Alzayani for The National, this feature about the news of H&M partnering with YCloset in China to test clothing hire. Read the full article below:

“Retail giant H&M recently announced that it would test out clothing rentals at its flagship Stockholm store.

In an unexpected move for fast fashion, retail giant H&M is going to trial renting out its clothes. The multinational retail company will be offering members of its customer loyalty programme the chance to rent selected items from its 2012-2019 Conscious Exclusive collections via its flagship Stockholm store.

The Conscious Exclusive collection is a higher-end, limited-edition sustainable range that retails from about Dh350 to Dh1,000. With the new rental service, up to three pieces from this collection can be rented out at a time for a week, and for a cost of 350 Swedish krona (Dh135) per piece. There will even be a repair service, where customers can get their items mended or upgraded. 

The concept of renting out one’s wardrobe is hardly new: in the US, Rent the Runway, which launched in 2009, has been widely lauded as a game-changer. Closer to home, brands such as Designer-24, House of MC and The Mode cater to those who want to hire clothes in the UAE.

However, the concept behind clothing rental services was initially to provide very high-end clothes to customers at a fraction of the cost. That means paying for luxury outfits that would only be worn once or twice and then returned. But the last few years have seen a shift in the paradigm, with customers opting to rent rather than own, even when it comes to everyday wear. And businesses are rising to the demand. Rent the Runway has since introduced subscriptions for everyday wardrobe items. In the UK, Girl Meets Dress is a service that allows subscribers unlimited dress hires for £99 (Dh470).

And the big brands are listening, too. This year alone has seen Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, Banana Republic, American Eagle and Bloomingdale’s announce subscription services at varying costs.

This shift has largely been credited to demand from millennials (who are sometimes called Generation Rent), as well as Gen Z – it seems these age ranges prefer the flexibility that comes with renting over ownership. Perhaps this is because of increased awareness about the negative impact of fast fashion on the environment.

According to a recent United Nations study, “nearly 20 per cent of global waste water is produced by the fashion industry, which also emits about 10 per cent of global carbon emissions”. Maybe rent will become the fourth “R” in the environmental movement, alongside reuse, reduce and recycle.

With big labels also entering the rent market, customers may soon see a future that combines the thrill of wearing a new outfit every week, with the knowledge that their fresh fashion is more ethical.

Sure, there are still some kinks that need to be worked out – the environmental impact of constant delivery and return policies, and the chemicals used in the process of dry cleaning, for instance. But, for now, it looks like H&M has taken a step in the right direction.”

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