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Girls on Dresses: Amma Adjubi-Archibald of beyondbeyond.co.uk


(photo: Lisa Devlin)

Describing herself as a Blogger + Designer + Dreamer who makes bespoke goodies, stationery & graphic design at your service, Amma chats to GMD about credit card workouts in the name of fashion, her Jasper Garvida dress crush, and the contents of her 2.5 double wardrobes….

Your first ever dress was: It must of been a baby dress (shame I can’t remember one of most indulged parts of my life), but the first dress I actually remember was my gingham school dress.  I thought I was oh so sophisticated age five,  pulling down the straps to rock it Bandeau style.  I have a picture of that somewhere, got to dig that out.

Your oldest dress: My oldest dress is a little black number, I have expanded a bit I will never get into that dress again without a starvation diet, or being horrendously ill.  But, I look at it and remember my formative years as a human twiglet.

Your most expensive dress: My bridal gown, it is so funny that I am a normally a bargainista, and then the moment that my big day came – my credit card got the most eye watering work out of the century!

Seen the most dancefloors: None, I am ashamed to say that my name is Amma and I have an addiction to clothes.  I have two and a half double wardrobes and 6 drawers of fashion.  Every so often I find something that I forgot I even had. *blushes*  I am in desperate need of wardrobe detoxing!

Favourite dress: My favourite dress of the moment is a maxi dress it is a rust colour, with a cowl neck and little belt – and I love it.  It trails behind me when I walk down the stairs so I feel like a princess.

What was the last event you wore a dress to and what did you wear? The last dress that I wore was to a friend’s party and it was from AQUA.

Mini or Maxi? Now, I am slowly disintergrating I keep getting the legs out before I become mutton – so right now it is all about the minis!

Who are your red carpet idols? Who always gets it right? Red carpet idol is *drum roll* the Stefani, I love Gwen’s style and I adore her L.A.M.B range.

What is your most memorable dress moment? It is a denim dress that I got when I was younger as I worked weeks to get. I scrubbed floors and perfomed all kinds of quasi-entrepreneurial enterprises and it taught me one big lesson; you appreciate the things that you work hardest for.

Jasper Garvida Anna Dress - Hire: £99 - RRP: £620

Which dress would be top of your Girl Meets Dress lust list? I have a big dribbly crush on the the Anna Dress by JASPER GARVIDA.

As someone who always has a new event to attend – how would Girl Meets Dress complement your life? Girl Meets Dress would mean that I don’t have to invest in a 4th wardrobe. I love the idea of the dress being transient, having it that night and then letting it go.  Also, there is something nice about wondering where the dress has been before – what soirees it has been to.  If dresses could talk eh?

Follow Amma on Twitter: @beyondbeyond365

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