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Formal dress

What can women wear to a Black Tie event 2020? | Rent a Dress for Black Tie

You have received an invitation to a black tie event – it could be a black tie dinner party, a black tie work event or maybe a black tie wedding. Whichever one it is, you know this event will be fancy and you need to get the black tie dress code right. So, what attire do you wear? What kind of dresses are appropriate for a black tie occasion?

For men its much easier, all they have to throw on is a tux and a black tie. For women however, there is not one set rule when it comes to outfit choice. Traditionally, black tie calls for a floor-length dress or gown, however the modern black tie dress code isn’t quite as simple. If you decide to go with a floor-length gown, choose a dress with a simple and feminine silhouette that lightly accentuates your curves. Since formal dresses can be pricey, it makes much more sense to rent a dress instead, especially as black tie isn’t your everyday occasion and you are unlikely to be wearing it more than once. By renting a gown, you can pick from the best designers and ensure your dress is made of the highest quality. This will help you avoid tacky and head straight for elegant.

While you can’t go wrong with hiring a black or red dress for black tie, 2019/20 dress trends are showing that you can experiment a lot more with colours! Embellished and sparkly dresses as well as strapless and one shoulder dresses are also constantly gracing the red carpets as we enter 2020 awards season.

The Liberty Maxi Red

Cleo Dress

Panne Velvet Dress

Strawberry Aria Gown


long black tie dress
long black tie dress 3

long black tie dress 4long black tie dress 5

Renting a cocktail dress is another great option for black tie if a full length gown isn’t your thing, or you know your event is black tie optional. We suggest hiring a cocktail dress that sits just on or below the knee and is slightly structured or cinched at the waist to ensure your look remains feminine. Check out our favourite cocktail dresses to rent for black tie:

Isabella Red Cocktail Dress






Can you wear a short dress for a black tie event?

A modern black tie dress code definitely allows you to choose a short dress rental if you’d prefer. However our top tip would be to keep it classy – avoid anything too tight and anything that falls more than an inch or two above the knee. Check out our favourite picks for 2020:

Dress with Draping

Isalena Sequined Dress

Plumerias Print Dress

Millie Green Cocktail Dress


Can a women wear trousers or a tuxedo to a black tie event?

Absolutely! If you ladies want to make a fashion statement as well as look amazing in your rented outfit, why not hire a jumpsuit or throw on blazer & pant suit? This is a perfect way dress up for a black tie party or wedding, as it shows off your womanly figure in a beautifully flattering way, narrowing slightly at the waist and streamlining the leg. A sexy, yet classy look. Click the links below to see our top picks!

Daylight Blazer

Daylight Trousers

Kanda Jumpsuit

Black Lace Jumpsuit


Can you wear black to a black tie wedding?

You can absolutely hire a black dress to wear to a black tie wedding! However we’d advise to keep the black dresses to a winter wedding or evening wedding. Also make sure your accessories break up your rented black look, whether its a pop of colour from a designer clutch or heel, or sparkling diamond jewellery (which you can also rent from us!). Check out some more great black dress options below!

The Bailey Maxi Black

Silky Black Cowl Gown

Niara Scuba Gown Black

Girl Meets Dress has a large range of formal black tie dresses for hire, whether long, short or cocktail, so whatever your preference, we can help find you the perfect look for your big night! (even if you’d prefer no dress at all, and opt for a pantsuit!).

Rent your black tie outfit and look a million dollars without spending a fortune. What’s not to like?

Deciding On How To Rent A Ball Dress

The end of term ball is a very important event in the social calendars of university students up and down the UK. It is an exciting time, especially for female students, who get to dress up in beautiful ball dresses and show some glamour to an important occassion. However, students are not known for their large disposable incomes and ball dresses can be very expensive. The question is always raised – how much should be spent on a dress that may never again be worn.

There is a solution. At Girl Meets Dress, we allow girls to choose their dresses online and borrow them for a short while, and then return them when done. We have an enormous variety of ball dresses to choose from and receive new fashions each and every week. End of term balls can be pretty rowdy, so Girl Meets Dress even offers insurance to our clients to ensure they can enjoy the evening virtually worry-free!

We don’t only supply ball dresses. We have an extensive collection of beautiful and elegant fashions from premier designers including Alexander McQueen, Amanda Wakely, Jil Sander, Lanvin and many more. Whatever occassion you’re looking for we can help you to complement the evening with eclectic and gorgeous styles that are sure to get you noticed! Our membership packages are also competitive and can offer girls many offers that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, including 20% off all hires and unlimited dress rental.

To borrow the best designer dresses, cocktail dresses, prom dresses and ball dresses, visit our website at Girl Meets Dress.

Online Prom Dress Rental

Most of us didn’t get to wear the prom dress we really wanted, simply because designer dresses are so expensive. Many of us still have the dress we did wear, tucked away in a wardrobe and hardly ever worn since – even though we spent as much as we could afford on it. These days there is a way to get around both problems. Hiring prom dresses means that you get to wear the dress you want on what’s probably the most important formal occasion of your life so far, and one of the best chances you’ll ever get to wear a gorgeous dress.

At first glance, the internet isn’t the obvious place to look for a prom dress because you can’t try it on in advance, right? We get around that by sending out your chosen dress early, so you’ve got plenty of time to try a different size or a different dress if yours isn’t absolutely perfect.

There are also plenty of advantages to hiring a prom dress online. Because the internet is such a competitive marketplace, prices are kept low and you can get some very good deals on hiring the best quality designer dresses. And then there is the range. Most formalwear hire shops have a few dozen dresses, and less in small and more generous sizes. At our site, you can compare so many more. You can search by designer or for your size. It’s quick, it’s easy, and best of all you get to wear the dress you really want.

Choosing Your Cocktail Dresses

A lot of us don’t have the time or honestly the inclination to get that interested in formal dress. There are other things to think about – work, family, friends, sport, the outdoors, books, and computers. Not everyone has fashion as a priority, and most of the time there is no need to. But now and again a formal occasion comes along where you need to impress, or maybe just want to get the chance to feel really movie-star glamorous.

We make it easy to choose the right cocktail dress for your body shape and for the occasion. In fact, we do much more than just providing a catalogue of fabulous formal dresses and cocktail dresses. Send us an email or call one of our fashion-savvy style advisers and they’ll be the experts for you. Style, fabric, size and colour – we can help with all that. Our consultants are happy to have a chat about what will work best for your body shape, complexion, and hair colour.

Your hired cocktail dress can be tried on in advance and sent back if it doesn’t fit just right, or if you’re just not happy. We understand how difficult it is to judge clothing that you haven’t physically inspected, and it’s not a problem with our system. We’ll even send out another cocktail dress free of charge.

At Girl Meets Dress, we’ve got the knowledge and the range to back it up. Our service is a cheap, easy way of getting hold of a completely stunning cocktail dress to impress everyone with your designer fashions and perfectly selected style.

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