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free organic food sample

Girl Meets Dress and iChoc Collaboration

Girl Meets Dress has team up with iChoc to offer you their delicious vegan friendly chocolate. Each time you hire a dress from us, you will either get their Jungle Bites or Sunny Almond flavour. Who doesn’t love a free chocolate bar, especially in this festive season?

Girl Meets Dress and iChoc

The idea for iChoc was actually relatively simple, and it very quickly became clear what it stood for: vegan chocoholics should no longer have to suffer, vegans wanted a chocolate that tastes like milk chocolate, a chocolate which helps to you to revive an ‘old flame’. The vegan way of living should no longer be a limitation, instead it should open up a world of new alternatives.

Until recently, this was not the case: many vegans ended up regretting their lifestyle choice, as it limited the chocolate they could eat, and they generally had to resort to eating dark chocolate. This meant that those who were not fans of dark chocolate either had to learn to like it, or go without chocolate completely. That’s easier said than done:

Chocolate is a considerable contributing factor to our quality of life!

iChoc is setting out to change things. Our range consists exclusively of products which take the classic concept of ‘milk chocolate’, and reinvent it using recipes that are free of animal products. We want vegans to be able to experience those moments of happiness again – and they hope that by devoting the necessary love and attention to their chocolate, they will successfully achieve this.

iChoc organic chocolate is manufactured in the Weinrich factory, located in Herford in the Westphalia region of Germany. A factory steeped in tradition, which celebrates the art of chocolate production since 1895.

Only carefully selected, organically-grown raw materials are used in the manufacturing process and they deliberately refrain from using emulsifiers and artificial flavourings. Their chocolates are produced „from bean to bar“ on a highest level of quality.

Check out their website for more information.

We do next day delivery or same day delivery if you live in London, for all orders placed before 1pm, so its not too late to hire dresses of your dreams!

If you need any suggestions or styling advice for any event, email: Enquries@girlmeetsdress.com

Remember you can also book a London showroom appointment by emailing: showroom@girlmeetsdress.com


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Free gift from Qi Teas with your next Girl Meets Dress purchase

Girl Meets Dress has partnered with Qi Teas in order to offer you, a tea bag of green tea as well as a tea bag of green tea plus, with every order. Who doesn’t love freebies?!


The positive effects of green on our bodies has been proved many times and that is why Joe d’Armenia decided in 1997 to create the company.

Qi teas are fair trade teas. The company is working closely with a co-operative of small independent farmers with long traditions in the preparation of high quality teas in China, in order to provide a tea of quality. But they want to make sure that their partnership is beneficial for everyone. That is why Qi teas provides farmers and growers with:

  • A fair price and guaranteed income.
  • Financial support by contributing towards the costs of organic inspections.
  • Technical training and technical support.
  • Agreed employment framework for workers, which respects their human rights and promotes good working conditions.
  • A social and community fund which promotes and supports community well being.


The teas are 100% organics,  grown without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. Qi Organic teas are independently certified organic by international accreditation body Ecocert, as well as the Soil Association in the UK. The paper they use for the tea bags is un-bleached and the bags are free from glue and aluminium staples.


Order your next dress at Girl Meets Dress and get two free samples!


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Girl Meets Dress love finding new products and ladies with those Christmas parties coming up we know you are going to love our newest slimming find. Introducing Slendier, a company that offers a healthy alternative, low calorie, low carb options of pasta, noddles and rice. Slendier’s products are fantastic substitutes that can be easily incorporated into your current lifestyle

Girl Meets Dress are happy to announce that starting next week you can get your very own sample of either Slendier’s Organic Spaghetti, Organic Fettuccine Pasta or Organic Noodles with every GMD dress hire.  

Each product is made from a vegetable called Konjac, which is low energy and a source of vegetable fibres. Consumed in Asian countries for centuries, Konjac is known for its amazing health benefits. In other words you won’t be struggling into your Girl Meets Dress outfit! All products are incredibly easy to prepare (as it is pre cooked), all you need to do is  drain away fluid, rinse, leave in hot water for one minute, drain water again and mix in with your favourite sauces, soups and salads.

Here are the Slendier packs you could get along with your fabulous GMD dress.


















Slendier’s Organic Spaghetti is a fantastic substitute for regular spaghetti. It is made from a vegetable called Konjac (a low energy and source of vegetable fibres) known for its amazing benefits. The spaghetti is only 8 calories per 100 grams.

Slendier’s Organic Fettuccine Pasta is great for any sauce and pairs perfectly with chicken, seafood, meat and fresh vegetables. The health benefits are also amazing as it has significantly less calories than your average organic pasta which is 200 calories per serve.

Slendier’s Organic Konjac Noodles is perfect for soups and stir fry’s. Slendier’s Organic Konjac Noodles are only 8 calories per 100 grams. In other words it is equivalent to 1 peanut M & M.

Remember to give Slendier a like on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Slendier

Follow Slendier on twitter – @SlendierUK



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