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GMD loves

GMD Loves: Ying Gao’s shape shifting dresses


It’s not polite to stare, or so we’re told. Although you may not have heard of her, Ying Gao is one of the newest fashion designers capturing headlines with her intriguing clothes. Ying recently designed two dresses which contort and light up whenever it detects a fixed gaze. Ever wondered if that cute guy across the room is checking you out? Well now you’ll be able to tell, because your dress will move!

The dresses are embedded with eye-tracking technology that reacts to an observer’s gaze by activating tiny motors that move parts of the dress, creating captivating patterns. Oh, and they’re also glow-in-the-dark!

Although they’re not available to purchase (yet) they are soon to be featured in the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art in November.



GMD Loves: Yvette Elfawal


Here at GMD we’re big on emerging talent. Yvette Elfawal is a young American designer, fresh out of Smith College, already making milestones. We think her ball gowns are stunning and show a range of unique aesthetics. She’s definitely one to watch! 


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GMD Loves: Shop of Me


Here at Girl Meets Dress we understand the importance of looking good. But when money’s tight, how are we supposed to keep up with the latest trends? Far too often we find ourselves lusting over dresses or bags that are way beyond our price range – but that’s where Shop of Me come in.


Shop of Me emails you when the clothes you’ve looked at online go on sale – what could be easier? Find your favourite items in the sale at ASOS, Topshop and Clarks all sent directly to you from Shop of Me. All you have to do is signup to their website and start shopping, no need to pin items or create lists, they do all that for you!

Remember that amazing dress you saw on River Island? It’s gone in the summer sale but by the time you’ve realised they’ve sold out in your size. Now you don’t have to worry, Shop of Me will let you be the first to know – even before the retailer announces it!

shop of me2

Only last week we were sitting here lusting over an amazing bucket bag from French Connection, but at an eye-watering £130 it just wasn’t feasible. Shop of Me were the first to let us know when the bag went on sale – and here I am with my brand new accessory!

Shop of Me truly cut out the middle man and help you find your favourite items at your ideal prices. So, let the shopping commence!

shop of me


Street Style: Kavita D

With her innovative street style and effortless looks, there’s no wonder Kavita D is one of the most popular fashion bloggers in the UK. GMD take a look through some of her best outfit choices and show you why she’s our favourite Street Style from this week!

2013-08-06_1313 2013-08-06_1315_001 2013-08-06_1315

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