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NEW SAMPLES: Feminesse Gel

Ladies, our new partners Feminesse have got your backs – giving you the confidence to be you! We are including lovely Feminesse leaflets with every dress order so you can find out more about this fantastic brand.


Feminesse Gel is specifically formulated to eliminate abnormal vaginal odour that won’t wash away.

While it is normal for your vagina to have a mild odour this can occasionally change and become strongly unpleasant. Each application of Feminesse Gel is clinically proven to work from within to help even the most persistent vaginal odours disappear for 3 days at a time.

Feminesse Gel immediately starts to work for you to eliminate vaginal odour. For continuous effect, use Feminesse Gel every 3 days as instructed.


For more information, visit the Feminesse Gel blog section called the Powder Room which dispels any anxieties surrounding women’s health whilst also offering general life advice and tips on increasing confidence.


www.feminesse.co.uk Twitter: @Feminesse Facebook: /FeminessePowderRoom Pinterest: /Feminesse


NEW SAMPLES: Man Cave’s Natural Face Moisturiser and Lemon & Oak Shower Gel

Girl Meets Dress love finding new products and we just know you are going to love our newest  find for your man. Introducing ManCave – an essential natural men’s grooming range free from skin-unfriendly ingredients.

Today the male grooming regime has taken on a new style. Wave goodbye to boredom and generic products, it’s time for something inspiring! True creativity also takes pride of place when it comes to choosing, using and enjoying male grooming products with inspired and natural originality, recreating the enthusiasm and panache of a rediscovered process: The Grooming regime by ManCave Inc.

The ManCave recipe for success could be summarised as follows: first start with a natural active ingredient, such as the effective amino L-Arginine. Follow up with 12 essential oils, then complete each product with a signature key ingredient, ranging from Caffeine, Panthenol, Shea Butter, Borage Oil to the captivating scent of Cedarwood.

At Girl Meets Dress we believe there is no better accessory to your Girl Meets Dress outfit than a dapper looking (and smelling) man! Simply order from Girl Meets Dress this week to receive either a Natural Face Moisturiser or revitalising Lemon & Oak ShowerGel by ManCave.


moisturiserNatural Face Moisturiser

Enriched with bioactives to create a soothing easily absorbed formula, ManCave’s innovative natural face moisturiser  rejuvenates, re-textures and helps firm skin leaving a smooth matte finish. Caffeine stimulates the skin to help reduce the appearance of fatigue, whilst organic Borage oil locks moisture into the cells defending against dryness throughout the day or night. The ManCave hydrating moisturiser is formulated with UV Absorbers and Vitamin E to help protect against free radical damage to the skin.





Lemon & Oak ShowerGel

The Lemon & Oak ShowerGel  is the second natural Shower Gel of Man Cave’s range that was developed to uplift, invigorate and stimulate. Lemon Oil – known to relieve and lift spirits – helps focus the mind while hints of Rosemary aid the feeling of contentment.  Vetiver and Bergamot aromas assist concentration with their combination of energising and relaxing properties. The ShowerGel’s natural cleansing action is boosted by the anti-bacterial action of Lemon Oil and the soothing Aloe Vera.


Twitter:  @ManCave
Instagram: @ManCaveInc
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ManCaveInc
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Mancaveinc


NEW SAMPLES: Colgate Max White One Toothpaste

What’s the best accessory for your big night out? A beautiful white smile of course! And what better way to achieve it than with the Colgate Max White ONE Optic Toothpaste… guaranteed to leave you with whiter teeth.

Launching soon we have FREE samples to give away in all our order boxes!

The formula contains clinically proven optic brighteners. These are activated whilst brushing and leave a sheen on your teeth which reflects light making your teeth look whiter from the first brushing. Continued use provides you with a progressive whitening action and gives you long lasting whiter teeth.


So what are you waiting for? Hire a dress from Girl Meets Dress to receive your FREE sample!



For more information visit: www.colgate.co.uk Twitter: @ColgateUK Facebook: /ColgateUK

NEW SAMPLES: Yours Truly Organics

We all know how tough winter can be on skin. Luckily, we have teamed up with Yours Truly Organics – the organic skincare line that really works! The philosophy at Yours Truly Organics is that beautiful skin is achievable using ingredients that are in the best interest of your health. So whilst their products are beautiful on the outside, they are also beautiful on the inside.


Now you can enjoy the beautifully packaged and beautiful-on-skin product when you hire your dresses from Girl Meets Dress! Try all four Yours Truly Organics skin treatments!


Visit: yourstrulyorganics.com Twitter: @YoursTrulyOrg Facebook: /YoursTrulyOrganics Youtube: /YoursTrulyOrganics

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