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prom dresses hire

Hire a Prom Dress and save ££££

Hire a Prom Dress and save ££££

It is no longer necessary to spend hundreds of pounds in a prom Dress. Girl Meets Dress has some incredible prom dresses starting at £69.  Find the prom dress of your dreams, weather its a short prom dress or a long prom dress.

Princess prom dress under £100

Hire a prom dress at Girl Meets Dress


Short prom dress

Hire a prom dress at Girl Meets Dress 

Prom dresses under £150


Long prom dress

Hire a Prom gown at Girl Meets Dress 



Designer Prom Dresses – Hire a Designer

Customer Sam in Her GMD Bailey Maxi Dress

Invite- check. Outfit-err? This is where designer prom dress hire can come to your rescue.   If you’re stuck at work, with no time for shopping, and a fantastic gown from Net-a-Porter’s just a little too much to ask of your bank account (we’ve just had a four day bank holiday blow-out dontcha know!), why not hire a designer prom dress?

More than half the women that turn to us are in just that same predicament.

They know they can just email us with their three favourite dress choices from the site collection, and that they’ll get a prompt reply from GMD customer services telling them whether the designers and dresses they wish to hire are available.   It’s just like shopping designer dresses on-line, except you’re renting designer dresses instead!

Designer Prom Dress Hire – When the Hanger’s Empty

In the unlikely event that a dress is unavailable, GMD stylists get back to them with alternative dress options.  Once they’ve come to a decision, clients notify GMD customer services via email and confirmation of the order will arrive. No funds are taken until after a customer has received their dress orders through next day delivery.  They decide on the dress they like, keep it, and send the ones they don’t back.   Which equals minimal hassle for them.

Even the skeptics amongst the renting-a-dress contingent afterwards admitted to be pleasantly surprised by just how smoothly the whole ordering process and overall hire experience was.   In fact, the majority were quite taken with the whole affair, getting in touch to express their sheer excitement upon receiving their dresses.  GMD staff are always happy to hear that someone’s night was a success, and that they enjoyed their online designer dress hire experience.  Which is why it’s always a pleasure when clients send in photos and or attach notes in their return dress hire boxes telling us just how great they felt in their dress!  Here’s looking at you ladies! The GMD Girls x

Look Chic in a Prom Dress – Hire Suzannah, Ruth Tarvydas, Omar Mansoor & more…

Amee Lou 'Floris' prom dress.  Hire: £69 Many customers have come to us requesting to hire prom dresses for events they are attending this month.  So, we couldn’t hesitate to update anyone wanting to hire a prom dress on the lovely designer prom dresses we currently have gracing the prom dress hire section of the copacious GirlMeetsDress wardrobe.

Hire Prom Dresses for May-Dates

May events that have got people turning to us to take care of their prom dress hire ‘needs’ are the World Superyacht Awards, the Pirates of the Carribean Premier, and the Royal Caledonian Ball, to name a few. Oh, and for all fauna fans out there, there’s the Chelsea Flower show that falls at the end of this month.  There are very few dresses at GMD HQ without a ‘May-date’.  But, don’t despair. Several glamorous gowns are still gracing our hangers, in wait of the perfect May-date, so time is of the essence to hire.  Prom dresses get a bad name, and many might think twice about their hire. Prom dresses, on the contrary, should not be a dress option that is overlooked.

Prom Dresses – Hire the Crème de la Crème of Prom Dresses With no Strings/Frills Attached

Prom dresses don’t have to mean poofy pink monstruosities, worthy of the finest and cheesiest teen school leavers’ dance. Blair Waldorf’s quote sums up the changing attitude to prom and its rituals: ‘We don’t do prom queen; that’s for suburban high schools and the lame teen comedies that are set at them.’  What’s more, Blair’s prom dress, a couture Marchesa gown, could not be further from a sugary pink blob right out of a suburban rom-com prom-tale. (Just as well, prom date Nate doesn’t turn out to be her true prince!)

Ruth Tarvydas 'Full Moon' prom dress. Hire: £99

Prom Dress Hire Designers of the Moment

You couldn’t really get any closer to couture than the fabulous ‘Full Moon’ Ruth Tarvydas prom dress. Hire: £99 (It was over £600 at full price!).  Another picture-perfect hire prom dress that will ensure you cut a dash is this sultry Suzannah ‘Corsage Maxi’ prom dress.  Hire it for £79- originally, the dress retailed at £525.   Suzannah Corsage Maxi gownYet another fantastic member of the hire designer prom dresses collection is this Omar Mansoor prom dress. Hire yourself a piece of the British designer’s action forOmar Mansoor Bow Tie Silk Gown. Hire: £79 just £79- it’s RRP was originally £540! And finally, the Amee Lou Floris dress (top)-one of our favourite designer prom dresses. Hire for £69, when you would have had to buy it for £300. Proof, if it were ever needed, that prom dress fairytale endings really do exist. Even if prom fairytale endings might not.


Hire Prom Dresses-What’s Hot to Hire This Week

This week in terms of prom dresses, hire options proving most popular consisted of the following:

The Marchesa Notte, a show-stopping navy blue bow cocktail dress, was favoured among short prom dresses hire.  Normally retailing at £540, the dress is available for two nights hire for £179- a fraction of the price.

2nd Place for Hire: Prom Dresses by Schumacher & Butter by Nadia

In second place for this week’s dress hire, prom dresses by Schumacher were highly sought-after.  Hire prom dresses by the label particularly in-demand included this delectable Shadow prom dress.  With an RRP of £330, yet available to rent for just  £119 for 7 nights, it was yet another of the short prom dresses many a girl this week wanted to meet.

Another contender for the top hire prom dresses  prize was of the long prom dresses variety; a sumptuous Butter By Nadia ‘Amethyst’ long jersey dress.  The most dynamic and versatile of this week’s prom dresses, hire this dress and be amazed- it wraps in incalculable ways.  So much so, that it has received more comments than almost any other hire prom dresses.  Yours for seven nights, for just £89.   

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