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Red Carpet

Best Dressed of the Week

A celebrity’s schedule never stops. Here at Girl Meets Dress we have lost count of how many different outfits famous people wear per week. Still, our aim is not to remember them all, but rather the ones that are ‘GMD award’ worthy!

Here it is our list of ‘best dressed’ for the week. We hope it will inspire you on your next dress rental!


Emma Watson in Christian Dior


Gwyneth Paltrow in Gucci


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Gucci


Alexa Chung in Alessandra Rich


Jennifer Lawrence in Elie Saab


Alessandra Ambrosio in Gucci


Keira Knightley in Erdem


Demi Moore in Gucci


Felicity Jones in Burberry


Brie Larson in Burberry

Girl Meets Dress at the London’s Indian Film Festival

Momtaz Begum- Hoissan wears a beautiful Ariella gown for London’s Indian Film Festival‘s red carpet.




This beautiful ivy emerald gown can be found at GirlMeetsDress.com. It is a great choice for black tie events and weddings. Get the red carpet look by styling it with a pair of earnings and bracelet  or  with a distinctive necklace.


Click here to hire it now .




IvyEmerald_2_large (1)





To watch the red carpet follow the link:








BAFTA-Worthy Dresses at Girl Meets Dress


The stars descended upon the red carpet in force at London’s Royal Opera House last night for one of the most prestigious film industry events of the year – the 2015 Bafta Awards.

We have put together a round-up of GMD’s favourite BAFTA dresses from the evening, with similar designer dresses available for you to hire from Girl Meets Dress!

1. Reese Witherspoon’s BAFTA dress was by British designer Stella McCartney.


Reese Witherspoon BAFTA Dresses Girl Meets Dress


For a sleek purple dress like Reese Witherspoon’s BAFTA dress, hire the Carmen Marc Valvo – Iridescent Chiffon Gown from Girl Meets Dress!



Carmen Marc Valvo BAFTA Dresses Girl Meets Dress


If you like Reese Witherspoon’s BAFTA dress, you can also hire Stella McCartney dresses from Girl Meets Dress! Click to view.


2. Julianne Moore’s BAFTA dress featured a high neckline with a plunging keyhole detail and long sleeves.


Julianne Moore BAFTA Dress Girl Meets Dress


For a sleeved full-length red dress like Julianne Moore’s BAFTA Dress, you can hire the Beulah – Red Painted Lady from Girl Meets Dress!



Beulah Dress BAFTA Dresses Girl Meets Dress


3. Rosamund Pike’s BAFTA Dress was understated, straight and black with angular tailoring and a halter-neck.


Rosamund Pike BAFTA Dresses Girl Meets Dress


To wear a black halter-neck dress like Rosamund Pike’s BAFTA dress for your next event, hire the Gorgeous Couture – Astra Maxi Dress from Girl Meets Dress!



Gorgeous Couture BAFTA Dresses Girl Meets Dress


4. Kristin Scott Thomas BAFTA dress was a  sophisticated long sleeve black piece with a deep V neckline.


Kristin Scott Thomas BAFTA Dresses Girl Meets Dress


To wear a sleeved black dress like Kristin Scott Thomas’ BAFTA dress, hire the DKNY – Cleo Dress from Girl Meets Dress!



DKNY BAFTA Dresses Girl Meets Dress


5. Swedish Actress Noomi Repace’s BAFTA Jumpsuit looked striking amongst the dresses!


Noomi Rapace BAFTA Jumpsuit Girl Meets Dress


Stand out for all the right reasons at your next event – if you’re insprired by Noomi Rapace’s BAFTA Jumpsuit, hire the Glamorous – Lace Jumpsuit from Girl Meets Dress!


Glamorous Jumpsuit BAFTA Dresses Girl Meets Dress


You can find more BAFTA-worthy dresses and designers at www.girlmeetsdress.com

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @girlmeetsdress Facebook: /girlmeetsdress and Instagram: @girlmeetsdress



Red Carpet Favourite: Roksanda Ilincic at Girl Meets Dress

 Celebrities love Roksanda Ilincic – and you should, too!

The London-based label has received a HUGE surge in demand recently. With dramatic, punchy colours, ultra-modern shapes and cool embellishments, the Roksanda Ilincic brand delivers a refreshing break from the mundane and as a result is continuously dominating the red carpet.

Roksanda Ilincic: Dianna Agron; Kate Middleton; Gwyneth Paltrow; Keira Knightley

Roksanda Ilincic: Dianna Agron; Kate Middleton; Gwyneth Paltrow; Keira Knightley

Roksanda Ilincic: Jessica Biel

Roksanda Ilincic: Jessica Biel

 Roksanda Ilincic A-List Fans include: Dianna Agron, the Duchess of Cambridge, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone, Emily Blunt, Jessica Biel and many, many more!

Roksanda Ilincic is available to rent for a fraction of the retail value at Girl Meets Dress, so now you can style it out alongside the fashion elite!

Roksanda Ilincic

Roksanda Ilincic

Roksanda Ilincic: Checked Purple Dress; Dahlia Jersey Dress; Elwood Dress; Orange Cocktail Dress

Roksanda Ilincic at Girl Meets Dress: Checked Purple Dress; Dahlia Jersey Dress; Elwood Dress; Orange Cocktail Dress

Roksanda Ilincic: Orson Cocktail Dress

Roksanda Ilincic at Girl Meets Dress: Orson Cocktail Dress

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