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Girls on Dresses: Kat Williams

Founder of blog www.rocknrollbride.com, Kat Williams prides her site as a ‘little haven of kick ass weddingness’, aimed at promoting refreshingly different wedding ideas.  In addition, Kat, who got married herself to Gareth 2008, offers advice on all things nuptial, from catering to photography.  Here Kat chats dresses and her love for vintage, as well as naming the frock top of her GMD designer dress hire lust list.

Your first ever dress was: a lovely black number with flowers and a huge white collar. I was probably about 18 months. I rocked that look.

Your oldest dress: I have a number of vintage dresses in my wardrobe that I’ve collected over the years. The green one pictured came from a vintage wedding dress shop in Birmingham called The Wedding Club. I plan to have it shortened so I can wear it on nights out!

Your most expensive dress: My wedding dress!

Seen the most dancefloors: Oh I’m terrible…I buy so many dresses that I rarely wear one on a night out more than a few times! I have a number of black staples though that I always throw on if I’m feeling uninspired.

Favourite dress: Again, this changes often! I just bought a couple of black cotton mid length dresses from Uniqlo which are super comfy and flattering.

What was the last event you wore a dress to and what did you wear? I had a party in April and I wore this vintage polka-dot dress from Fur Coat No Knickers, a vintage shop in London. I wore it with a petticoat with a pink trim!

Mini or Maxi? Maxi

Who are your red carpet idols? Who always gets it right? Angelina can’t be beaten.

What is your most memorable dress moment? Probably getting married! As I got to the bottom of the aisle my soon to be husband squeezed my hand and whispered ‘you look awesome’

Which dress would be top of your Girl Meets Dress lust list? I love quite simple and flattering shapes that I can rock up with accessories, shoes and handbags! Dresses like this beaut (right) from Butter by Nadia would be perfect in my wardrobe (hint hint!)

As someone who always has a new event to attend – how would Girl Meets Dress complement your life?
I love borrowing dresses when I have an important event to go to. it means I dont have to spend a fortune on a dress I might only wear once. I can’t afford the designer price tags so the Girl Meets Dress online designer dress hire service is perfect for me!

Main photo: Alex MacNoughton.

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