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Enter To Win an Exclusive Ten Acre Gift Bundle from Yumsh Snacks

Do you love healthy eating? Do you love popcorn and crisps? If the answer to both those questions is a resounding and enthusiastic “YES” then you’re definitely going to LOVE our competition!

By entering the competition, you will have a chance to win an exclusive Ten Acre gift bundle from Yumsh Snacks. The bundle includes samples of the entire Ten Acres popcorn and crisp range. Talk about yummy!

Yumsh Snacks are the innovative creators of the award winning range of Ten Acre hand-cooked crisps and hand-picked popcorn. Their range of fabulous flavours are made in small batches to give you the best of all worlds – delicious tasting snacks that everybody can enjoy whatever their dietary requirements.

ten-acre-crisps-and-popcorn-hamper-image-e1438612177100 (1)

To enter the competition, and try your luck for the exclusive Ten Acre gift bundle, simply sign up for our newsletter, share this post on Facebook, and answer the question below:

How many different kinds of savory popcorn are there in the Ten Acre snack line?


Tweet your answer to @girlmeetsdress and @10Acre with the #GirlMeetsDressCompetition, or leave a comment below!

NEW SAMPLES: Raw Chocolate Company


We have some delicious new FREE samples for you to enjoy from our lovely partner, The Raw Chocolate Company!

‘What’s raw chocolate?’ you ask…

Raw chocolate uses cacao that has been sun dried and not heat treated. The Raw Company Chocolate has been minimally processed to keep it as close to the natural state hanging off the tree.

This also means all of their products are vegan and very pure. They use minimal additional ingredients so that the cacao can sing out, sometimes enhanced by selected ingredients. All of The Raw Chocolate Company cacao is certified fair trade and organic!

Receive your tasty Raw Chocolate Raisins, FREE when you order your GMD dresses.





The Raw Chocolate Company take extreme care to prepare their ingredients for you. Firstly they spend at least three times longer than other manufacturers, grinding their ingredients super-smooth for a luxurious experience in the mouth. The result? Their raw chocolate bars and raw chocolate berries are pure, delicious and a fabulous treat!





To learn more about The Raw Chocolate Company and shop their delicious chocolatey products, visit: www.therawchocolatecompany.com

Don’t forget to check out their Twitter: @TheRawChocCo Facebook: /therawchocolatecompany  Instagram: @therawchocolatecompany and Pinterest: /therawchocco for all of the latest raw chocolate news!

NEW SAMPLES: The Primal Pantry

Ladies, January is known as the month of regret after enjoying the many naughty culinary delights Christmas has to offer. If you’re feeling less than great right now, you needn’t fret because we have some delicious and healthy energy snack bars for you to enjoy – guilt free! We have teamed up with the lovely people at health food brand The Primal Pantry to offer all Girl Meets Dress customers FREE healthy raw paleo snack bars.

Primal_Pantry Girl Meets Dress


The Paleo approach to eating is a return to whole and simple foods, with minimal refined sugars and carbohydrates. This is a diet rich in foods that were consumed as humans were evolving thousands of years ago. In order to eat Paleo method, consume a diet high in lean meats, vegetables, fats and seeds. Avoid dairy, grains and processed sugar altogether. The result is a diet most compatible with the way our bodies are innately programmed to process food and will lead to improved health outcomes, increased energy, and a reduction in blood sugars that can cause cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Forget the winter blues – try your tasty free Coconut and Macadamia Raw Paleo Bar and feel fantastic when you hire your dresses from Girl Meets Dress! All of The Primal Pantry’s bars are made in the UK with 100% real food; gluten, grain, refined sugar, soya, dairy, GMO and vegetable oil free, made by hand and cold pressed.

Primal_Pantry_001 Girl Meets Dress Primal_Pantry_003 Girl Meets Dress

For more from The Primal Pantry, including information about paleo and healthy recipes, Visit: www.theprimalpantry.com Follow: @PrimalPantryUK Like: /PrimalPantryUK and Look: @theprimalpantry

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