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Burns Night Dress


Burns Night celebrates the life and work of Scotland’s national bard, 18th century poet Robert ‘Rabbie’ Burns. Taking place every year, on or around, January 25th, it is an occasion that is steeped in tradition and is widely celebrated throughout the country and around the world.  This day is always celebrated with a Burns supper on or near the 25th of January.

What to Wear to a Burns Supper?

A Burns Supper can be as grand an event as you would like. Many friends simply gather informally, others host great feasts in large halls.

Ladies – Highland Dress

Formal Highland Dress for ladies is simpler, usually consisting of a full-length tartan skirt. In Clan Tartan, a universal tartan, or to match your partners kilt, if appropriate. The skirt is worn with a blouse and perhaps a matching tartan sash, held with a Clan brooch.

If you are attending a formal dinner they might have a black tie dress code. At such an affair, the men certainly break the kilt out of the closet. Or otherwise tartan trews with a dinner jacket and cummerbund.

For ladies, a great way to add a touch of tartan to your already superb evening dress is with a stole or sash in a complimentary tartan. Maybe you even have a tartan evening dress or hostess skirt. Both are ideal for Burns Suppers.

If you don’t have connections to any of the major Scottish Clans or families, don’t worry, you can wear one of the universal tartans, such as the Royal Stewart, Black Watch, Flower of Scotland, Patriot or Caledonia, these designs can be worn and enjoyed by anyone.

The great thing about tartan is that is is so versatile. Wearing a jumper with a kilt is very casual.

Informal Burns Supper

Tartan is still very much the order of the day. How much or how little you wear is entirely up to you, however it’s considered good manners to show a touch of tartan, even if this is just a tartan ribbon pinned to your chest, or lapel.

Food is an integral part of any Burns Night celebration. Most suppers start with Cock-a-leekie soup or Scotch broth, then it’s the haggis which is traditionally accompanied by bashed neeps and chappit tatties – otherwise known as mashed swedes and potatoes. This is followed by a pudding of either Clootie Dumpling, Cranachan or Tipsy Laird. The supper ends with a cheese board and oat cakes or bannocks.

Whatever you choose to wear to your Burns Supper enjoy your haggis, whisky, and have a lovely time.

What can women wear to a Black Tie event 2020? | Rent a Dress for Black Tie

You have received an invitation to a black tie event – it could be a black tie dinner party, a black tie work event or maybe a black tie wedding. Whichever one it is, you know this event will be fancy and you need to get the black tie dress code right. So, what attire do you wear? What kind of dresses are appropriate for a black tie occasion?

For men its much easier, all they have to throw on is a tux and a black tie. For women however, there is not one set rule when it comes to outfit choice. Traditionally, black tie calls for a floor-length dress or gown, however the modern black tie dress code isn’t quite as simple. If you decide to go with a floor-length gown, choose a dress with a simple and feminine silhouette that lightly accentuates your curves. Since formal dresses can be pricey, it makes much more sense to rent a dress instead, especially as black tie isn’t your everyday occasion and you are unlikely to be wearing it more than once. By renting a gown, you can pick from the best designers and ensure your dress is made of the highest quality. This will help you avoid tacky and head straight for elegant.

While you can’t go wrong with hiring a black or red dress for black tie, 2019/20 dress trends are showing that you can experiment a lot more with colours! Embellished and sparkly dresses as well as strapless and one shoulder dresses are also constantly gracing the red carpets as we enter 2020 awards season.

The Liberty Maxi Red

Cleo Dress

Panne Velvet Dress

Strawberry Aria Gown


long black tie dress
long black tie dress 3

long black tie dress 4long black tie dress 5

Renting a cocktail dress is another great option for black tie if a full length gown isn’t your thing, or you know your event is black tie optional. We suggest hiring a cocktail dress that sits just on or below the knee and is slightly structured or cinched at the waist to ensure your look remains feminine. Check out our favourite cocktail dresses to rent for black tie:

Isabella Red Cocktail Dress






Can you wear a short dress for a black tie event?

A modern black tie dress code definitely allows you to choose a short dress rental if you’d prefer. However our top tip would be to keep it classy – avoid anything too tight and anything that falls more than an inch or two above the knee. Check out our favourite picks for 2020:

Dress with Draping

Isalena Sequined Dress

Plumerias Print Dress

Millie Green Cocktail Dress


Can a women wear trousers or a tuxedo to a black tie event?

Absolutely! If you ladies want to make a fashion statement as well as look amazing in your rented outfit, why not hire a jumpsuit or throw on blazer & pant suit? This is a perfect way dress up for a black tie party or wedding, as it shows off your womanly figure in a beautifully flattering way, narrowing slightly at the waist and streamlining the leg. A sexy, yet classy look. Click the links below to see our top picks!

Daylight Blazer

Daylight Trousers

Kanda Jumpsuit

Black Lace Jumpsuit


Can you wear black to a black tie wedding?

You can absolutely hire a black dress to wear to a black tie wedding! However we’d advise to keep the black dresses to a winter wedding or evening wedding. Also make sure your accessories break up your rented black look, whether its a pop of colour from a designer clutch or heel, or sparkling diamond jewellery (which you can also rent from us!). Check out some more great black dress options below!

The Bailey Maxi Black

Silky Black Cowl Gown

Niara Scuba Gown Black

Girl Meets Dress has a large range of formal black tie dresses for hire, whether long, short or cocktail, so whatever your preference, we can help find you the perfect look for your big night! (even if you’d prefer no dress at all, and opt for a pantsuit!).

Rent your black tie outfit and look a million dollars without spending a fortune. What’s not to like?

Rent Jewellery | Welcome to the latest twist in fashion’s rental revolution


In late December, the Daily mail wrote about renting jewellery and the increase in Girl Meets Dress customers hiring their jewellery for events. Read the whole article below by journalist Gemma Champ.

Now you can borrow your bling … and it’s not too late to jewel up for New Year’s Eve!

  • Fancy turning up to your Hogmanay bash dripping in diamonds or sapphires?  
  • Now jewellery hire isn’t only for red-carpet-ready actresses or ‘aristocrats’
  • The first luxury fashion rental website, thrived during the recession and since

“The biggest night of the year for partywear is upon us, and the shops are packed with sequinned, sparkly, frothy little delights.

And yet, who wants to brave the crowds out there only to find a dress that doesn’t fit nearly as well as that old favourite LBD already hanging in your wardrobe back at home? And aren’t we all supposed to be shopping less anyway?

The alternative to buying a brand-new frock is to wear the comfy old one and then pile on the accessories.

Of course, if you were a celebrity, you could pick up the phone to any of the Bond Street jewellers or designer stores and borrow some giant sparklers for the night.

Well, the good news is that, these days, jewellery hire isn’t only for the red-carpet-ready actress or the down-on-their-luck aristocrat.

We have grown used to the concept of designer dress rental — and now a number of companies are joining the long-established Bond Street jewellers Bentley & Skinner in offering gemstones for hire, too.

Fancy turning up to your Hogmanay bash dripping in diamonds or sapphires? It’s easier than you think.

‘Jewellery hire is really starting to take off,’ says Rachael Taylor of The Jewellery Cut, a website that covers jewellery trends.

‘People are realising just how wonderful it is to wear a one-off piece of real jewellery. It’s not the same as High Street jewellery.

‘You really feel like you’re a custodian of something unique for the night, something that so much craft and love has gone into.

‘These pieces are very special, but most of us can’t afford to buy them, so hiring is a great option.’

It’s the uniqueness that appeals to Agnes Cooper, a 36-year-old stay-at-home mum from Harpenden, Hertfordshire, who has previously rented jewellery from 4Element, an online firm that specialises in vintage costume jewellery hire.

She says: ‘If you wear a statement necklace, it’s just that — a statement. The next time you wear it, it’s not a statement any more. It loses a bit of allure every time, so it really makes sense to hire a piece.

‘I rented a beautiful, vintage YSL gold and crystal necklace which I wore to a wedding, and I received so many compliments. I could guarantee no one else was going to turn up in it!’

4Element founder Monika Wojtal spent 18 months collecting pieces of vintage and one-off designer jewellery before launching her company, and has lent pieces to celebrities and models as well as mere mortals.

Pixie Geldof, for example, borrowed a pair of spectacular YSL seashell earrings worth around £350, but available for hire for four days at just £45.

For Monika, renting out jewellery is about sharing the memories of an exquisite piece.

‘I regard the celebrities and my other customers, in towns all over the UK, as the same,’ she says. ‘One week a piece might be worn by an actress in Cannes, and the next for an anniversary party, say, in the Midlands.

‘Inside each box is a memory card of where it has been worn before, so the customer is part of a legacy. I love that. I think great fashion belongs to all of us, not only rich people.’

But it’s not just for those of us who can’t afford the big bucks of an outright purchase. Plenty of people who can afford to buy jewellery are renting instead, simply because it’s smarter to consider cost-per-wear.

Anna Bance founded Girl Meets Dress in 2009 after working on magazines and in PR, where she saw celebrities borrowing items regularly.

The first luxury fashion rental website, it thrived during the recession and continued to do well even in a more buoyant economy.

It just makes sense, she says, to share the cost of luxuries such as jewellery. ‘Women who love fashion but want to shop in a clever way have done the calculations and found they can get more for their money by paying for access to the things they want, when they want them, rather than paying the higher price of owning them,’ she says.

‘Many Girl Meets Dress members are high spenders at designer website Net-a-Porter or Harvey Nichols, with wardrobes full of expensive clothing.

‘Jewellery and accessories rental allows our customers to update their accessory wardrobes at their own pace, and change it based on their needs, whether for travel, business or a special occasion.’

But, for some shoppers, the idea of spending money and owning nothing in the end feels wrong — the experience of wearing the jewellery isn’t enough. Luckily, there are a number of solutions emerging, ranging from part-ownership to rent-then-buy.

For example, all of the jewellery at Susannah Lovis, in London’s Burlington Arcade, is available to hire and to buy. Because it’s vintage or antique, it doesn’t lose value from being worn.

So if you borrow a beautiful seven-string pearl necklace worth £1,700 and you fall in love with it, you can buy it afterwards.

This is one of the swankier jewellery shops in London, however, so the minimum charge for hire is £450.

At Bentley & Skinner, meanwhile, the hire price per day is 1 per cent of the whole retail price (with a minimum charge of £100 plus VAT), so long as you can muster a returnable deposit to cover that overall price tag.

That means you can borrow an early Victorian pearl and ruby cluster ring for £100 a day (plus VAT), but with a £2,150 deposit.

Or how about a Victorian floral pearl necklace with detachable star drop, dating from 1880, for the same £100-a-day cost, and a refundable deposit of £2,400?

Should you win the lottery, you may want to try a tiara for a day or two.

The cheapest one — a late-Victorian diamond-set piece worth £59,500 — would cost £595 plus VAT each day of hire, plus the small matter of a deposit of nearly £60,000. But, then, Bentley & Skinner is a class apart, having served the Royal Family since the Victorian era and loaned out the tiaras for Downton Abbey.

Of course, you’d be very well advised to insure that tiara — though some hire companies include insurance in the cost, so it’s worth checking beforehand.

At a rather more affordable level, The Folly Boutique, hosted on My Wardrobe HQ (the designer rental website Boris Johnson’s partner Carrie Symonds hired many clothes from on the run-up to the election) has a huge selection of contemporary jewellery to rent or buy, with the purchase price often well below the retail price.

You can hire a pair of fabulous Mawi Art Deco earrings from £46 for seven days, or buy them for £167.50, when the retail price would be £335.

If you find you are borrowing jewellery more often than you expected, a subscription might be what you’re looking for, says Rachael Taylor.

‘Covett is a co-ownership company, where you can buy into a piece of jewellery, a bit like a timeshare, and borrow the pieces for a certain number of days a year,’ she says.

‘Then you can sell or trade up. Or, for a subscription fee of about £120 a month, you can borrow other pieces.’ Items include signed jewels by Cartier or David Yurman, and exceptional gems worth tens of thousands of pounds.

For £1,200 a year, you can have access to one item a month for five consecutive days, and quarterly or bimonthly subscriptions are available, too. The pieces range from pretty diamond chandelier earrings, worth £4,500, to a stunning Picchiotti Burmese sapphire and diamond ring, worth £53,000.

There are plenty of less stonkingly expensive designer delights out there, too. So you really can save money — and space in your jewellery drawer — while keeping that Little Black Dress looking fresh, party after party.”

Bridesmaid dresses to hire


Are you getting married in 2020?

Renting your bridesmaid dresses makes complete sense as an easy, cost effective and convenient way of providing the special friends in your life the dresses they love wearing on your big day, but without the decisions of what to do with them afterwards.

We all hope that the bridesmaid dresses we wear will be worn again, but they rarely are due to colours, styles and the memories associated with the wedding.

Gather your bridesmaids, choose some dresses to try on and either visit us for an appointment, or have delivery.

If you want to try on the dresses months ahead of the event, that’s fine! Get in touch and we can arrange it. The dresses will then be reserved for you until the wedding.

Browse our current selection of bridesmaid dresses to rent here >

We are adding dresses, new brands and many more styles as 2020 continues. Get in touch if you want a specific designer and we will see what we can do! showroom@girlmeetsdress.com

Pink bridesmaid dresses to rent >

Purple bridesmaid dresses to rent >

One size bridesmaid dresses to rent >


Does Girl Meets Dress have a shop? We have a London showroom and also a pop up in South Kensington, where you can visit and try on dresses with a stylist. Book an appointment: showroom@girlmeetsdress.com

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