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maternity style

Maternity: Evening Dresses

So Kourtney Kardashian is expecting her third child, Hayden Panettiere and Mila Kunis have also announced they are Mums- to-be, the pressure is now on for these expectant A listers, but who will be crownwed the best dressed mum-to-be? Finding elegant maternity clothes can be a struggle, The usual question on every Mum-to-be’s mind is what am i going to wear now that i’m expecting? With Girl Meets Dress you can hire yourself the perfect maternity dresses for any occasion.  Here’s GMD HQ’s  top picks of maternity dresses to wear this season.

maternity 5

1-  Butter by Nadia / Jersey Dress Sapphire

This beautiful deep blue hue dress would be the perfect dress to hire for a summer event, with it’s knee skimming skirt and wrap around style it creates the perfect silhouette.

2- BUTTER BY NADIA / Jersey Gown Red

This Butter by Nadia dress is long and flowing and every bit feminine, this would be the perfect dress for an evening event.

3- DIVA SOPHIA / Jessica Gold Gown

This Diva Sophia dress is every inch a goddess dress, the draping of gold fabric and the grecian one sholder design complements every figure and makes this the perfect dress to hire this season.


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Dresses for Mums-to-Be

Mums-to-be have a lot on their plate… Finalising the birthing plan, trying to find new maternity clothes that don’t make you feel like you are wearing a tent, finally getting around to doing  that large mothercare shop and making sure you remember to buy that thing your friends told you helps keep the baby quiet ( if only you could remember the name of that thing again) and to top it off you have been invited to an event and have nothing to wear.

At Girl Meets Dress we understand that all this must be exhausting  searching for good maternity wear, so we have made your life a little easier by selecting our prettiest and most comfortable maternity dresses for mums to be to ensure you look your best even if your not feeling it. Here are some of our top maternity dresses to hire for mums to be… Just click  to hire yourself the perfect dress.

maternity Butter by Nadia Jersey Gown Amethyst



maternity1 Butter by Nadia Jersey Gown Navy


wedding 3                                                                   Butter by Nadia Jersey Gown Cerulean



wedding 4                                                                   Butter by Nadia Jersey Dress Sapphire


What will Zara Phillip’s maternity style be?

Girl Meets Dress launches their new maternity dresses and takes you through the best picks for an elegant style. 

Kate Middleton has been flying the flag for chic maternity dresses ever since she first started showing earlier this year. But now that Zara Phillips has announced her pregnancy, there’s another fashion competitor in the field.  Known to be a fan of Alice and Olivia, Burberry and Herve Lenger, Zara Phillip’s maternity style is sure to be an interesting one. Whilst some may say she’s had more misses than hits with her fashion choices, when she gets it right she’s a force to be reckoned with. Although Zara hasn’t given any hint of what she plans to wear during her pregnancy, we can only speculate as to the pregnancy dresses she might wear.


Looking for a maternity dress for a party or special event? Girl Meets Dress have a fantastic new range of maternity dresses to rent from only £29. Zara’s social events calendar is always full so she’s sure to be looking for some comfortable evening wear. Butter by Nadia is the innovative collection by American designer Nadia Tarr. Her work stems from the idea that “one size fits all” as all of Nadia’s range is made from lightweight rayon and spandex material that moulds to fit your body shape. The ultimate versatile outfit, these dresses are sure to flatter any pregnancy bump – no matter what stage you’re in!


Staying stylish whilst attending summer events – where the weather can often be unpredictable – is something Zara knows how to do best. We’ve got some great dresses to rent for the perfect maternity style this summer. Sexy and sophisticated, Crave Maternity have created some stunning designs that are sure to compliment any shape. Why not hire a maxi dress for your summer event? Both Madderson London and Dynasty’s beautiful full length gowns are elegant and classic, and come in an array of flattering colours.

Shop all our maternity dresses here

maternity dresses

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