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What to Wear at a Wedding


‘Hmm, what to wear at a wedding?’ you’re thinking, as you glance at the invitation pinned to the fridge, tormenting you each and every time walk past it.  ‘An outfit for a wedding,’ you say to yourself.  ‘Can’t be that hard.’  But as you start to think about it in more detail, the ‘what to wear at a wedding question’ becomes a lot harder to answer. Deciding what to wear to a wedding requires getting the four ‘w’s (that’s who, what, where, and whens of the wedding) exactly right.

A Designer Wedding Outfit? What to Wear at a Wedding – Tailoring it for the Occasion

No matter the ‘who’, (whose wedding you’re attending) in getting what to wear to a wedding right, your outfit needs  to make the right kind of statement – not one of the ‘upstage the bride’ kinds, nor one of the ‘far too casual for a wedding’ kind. An outfit for a wedding needs to give off all the right impressions; it’s as much a symbol of your feelings toward the due-to-be wed couple as anything.  A shabby outfit for a wedding spells indifference, while an outfit for a wedding that is overdone and outshines the bridal gown itself, might spell disaster/embarrassment for multiple parties.

What Do I Wear to a Wedding? What to Wear at any Wedding

Depending on the ‘when’ and the ‘where’ of the big day, you may need to tailor you outfit for a wedding choice accordingly.  A fail-safe option is almost certainly a dress; go for something simple in cut and pattern, that you can dress up or down depending on the scale and tone of the event.  Trousers risk looking a bit too alternative, unless alternative or low-key is the order of the (wedding) day, then they are probably best left to the men.  Meanwhile, skirts can look chic, but getting a hemline and style that is both age appropriate and right for the occasion and time of year can be tricky. 

Designer Wedding Outfit Hire

‘ What do you I wear to wedding?’ you ask your work colleague.  ‘A designer wedding outfit?’ they suggest.  ‘Won’t that be expensive?’ you ask.   ‘Not if you go for designer dress hire,’ she refutes.   A designer wedding outfit doesn’t have to be expensive if you go down the route of designer dress hire.   We give you some lovely designer wedding outfit suggestions that will guarantee you look spot on, with an outfit for a wedding that ticks all four wedding  ‘w’s.   Dress up or down, with or without tights depending on the weather- versatility is everything when it comes to your designer wedding outfit! Click on each designer wedding outfit to learn more about hiring it.

1.LaDress olive tunic (left). Hire: prices start at £69.  Accesorize your designer dress outfit with this Blaguette square cocktail ring and NY straw clutch.

2. Beyond Vintage batwing dress (bottom).  Hire: prices start at £79 (RRP: £270.) Team with a chic cropped jacket and minimal accesories such as this Wilbur & Gussie ‘Edith’  leopard clutch and these labradorite drop earrings from Blaguette; a designer wedding outfit for all seasons!

3. Jonathan Saunders long silk dress. Hire: £179 (RRP: £1, 259). Blue clutch: Wilbur & Gussie.  Wear with earrings from 2. or cocktail ring from 1. 


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